The artworks displayed created a narrative of the end of the world as we know it transforming into a rebirth of a different reality. Patrick Jannin, participating artists, gives his interpretation of Part I of Project 2012:

"What happened? Was it yesterday, a month ago, a year, I can’t remember. The All became nothing and the Earth has swallowed herself. It was chaos, the much announced Apocalypse.

How to describe Nothingness? One billion suspension dots could not express the silence that followed the plunge into the unknown, that day when the Earth rocked. Jesus kept his promise and returned with his family, but the rare survivors only saw in him a clown, a survivor of another era already banished way back in time. An Era when the world was in the hands of clowns. And yet it was yesterday.

Handfuls of Humans no, of survivors (who could find humans among those broken faces?) walking their sickly shadows under the glare of new star shimmering steel. Further down, a rotten skeleton of an old ship once perfectly shiny, is today a ridiculous witness of a past that is to be forgotten as soon as possible if we don’t want to fall into madness.

The Earth creaks and groans of pain. Pain is everywhere. And what looks like dunes in the distance is often an improvised mass grave.

A new stream of consciousness appeared, bringing renewed hope with it. Like our primitive ancestors, men, especially women, have risen, seeing in this terrible nightmare that golden opportunity, not to re make the world, but to create a new, better world where cruelty and stupidity will be absent.
Faith moves mountains the ancients said. Now that the mountain is shaved, what will happen?

That's what I wonder now, even if I survived because I was already dead. I, man-machine, child of progress and shame of humanity."

Patrick Jannin/translated by Lili Phelouzat