For many, December 21 2012 is just one of many false predictions which have taken place in the past.

For others, however, this is the date when everything is really coming to an end. Some arguments which support this prophecy include the end of the current cycle of the Mayan calendar, a polar shift which will create floods and tectonic events and the words of several prophets which have marked next year as the last one humanity will ever see.

For us, the interesting thing is that beyond  the personal (and valid) opinions regarding this predictions, there is a strong theme which we would like to see represented in different formats by different artists.

2012 can be a perfect platform to reflect on the path our society has taken in relation to other human beings as well as nature. The end of the world can be an inspiring source for creation and destruction, either if you believe in it or not.  

"We want to see works that cross
the boundaries of reality and that transport us
into this end of the world."


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