Call for submissions: "Project 2012 End Of The World exhibition" Part III (London and UK based artists ONLY)

Call for submission: ‘’Project 2012 End Of The World exhibition’’ Part III
(London and UK based artists ONLY)

‘’According to several prophecies, religious beliefs and scientific studies, the world as we know it will end on December 21st 2012.’’

2012. Have we now entered the “final year” before the long-awaited Apocalypse? For many of us, this word means the complete destruction of Earth. But by looking at the etymology, the Apocalypse comes from the Greek word apokálypsis, which means “revelation” or “lifting of the veil”. It is the disclosure of something secret that has been hidden from us and that will finally be revealed.

The idea behind Project 2012 is to use this theme to reflect on the way our society is leading towards. Wars, famines, global economic crisis and natural disasters are on the news on a daily basis threatening to bring our societies to a total collapse. Because let’s face it, the Apocalypse has already arrived in many parts of the world. We belong to the very privileged that can still use art as a way of reflection.

The countdown has begun and Part III is now on its way. We are now looking for A NEW GROUP OF ARTISTS!!.

Twenty-two Artists from England, Spain, France, Iran, Poland, China, Japan and Israel shared their interpretation and contributed to Project 2012’s Part I and II exhibitions which took place in Hackney and Battersea respectively. From Pop art depicting reality as we know it, to abstract forms exploring the idea of monism.

How to apply:

The exhibition is on the last week of June in a new location in Old Street (London) TBA!!

-This time we will have a digital exhibition alongside the actual exhibition!!

-For the digital exhibition, there is a £5 administration fee for 2 images. If you are selected your images will be added to a slideshow that will be projected during the all exhibition.

-For the actual exhibition, there is an administration fee of £8.
There will be a further charge of £15 per piece  (for this Show we accept up to 3 pieces per artist) payable on reception of the work.

Please note that this money goes towards promotion, printing the necessary material towards the exhibition (catalogues, flyers and posters), space hire, video and photography.

Any format will be considered.

If interested, please email us:
- Your CV or resume.
- A brief statement (No more than 400 words) of the idea you would like to present.
- Up to five examples of your work (minimum 300 dpi) attached to the  email.
- Link to your website (if you have one)
- £5 administration fee for the digital exhibition payable via Paypal to the following email address:


-£8 administration fee for the exhibition.

Every artist will receive confirmation of payment and email reception.

Please note that the documents send to support your application will be used for the making of the catalogue. It is therefore very IMPORTANT that you send all the right documents that we are asking for.

Deadline to apply: 1st June 2012

Project 2012 is an itinerant exhibition around London. There will be 4 shows, one week long, per season (Autumn 2011/Winter 2011/Spring 2012/ Autumn 2012) and the Grand Finale on 21/12/12(or around) which  will gather all the artists who have taken part of the previous shows.
All the selected artists will, therefore, have two shows over a period of two weeks.

We look forward to hearing from you.